Automatický plánovač směn Dayswaps

shift planner

Our system brings automatic shift planning tool to any company, that relies on them. We offer a tool that works for managers as well as for employees to serve them personalized shift experiences. Tool also works as a change management system, that serves best substitutes to swaps.

All easily and automatically on 1 click.
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Plánuje s námi směny přes 400 podniků, včetně:

Plánovat směny je pretty easy with us

Forget about long excel spreadsheets and hundreds of emails, that comes with shift planning and communication.

Směny dle požadavků v Dayswaps

to fit your shifts

Every workspace is different so that why we allow you to set everything your way to having everything prepared perfectly.

shift planner

Our unique tool for attention focuses on the needs of both operations and employees. The automatic shift scheduler keeps track of conditions, so you don't have to.

Automatický plánovač směn Dayswaps
Snadné výměny směn v Dayswaps

with team automatically

Keep all employees informed of all events in workspace and receive important information about events from employees through chatbot that handles most problems for you.

shifts easily

Our system will process all your requirements for you and you will only have to choose the right substitute for you. All this despite the application with a unique chatbot for employees.

Zvyšte spokojenost zaměstnanců s Dayswaps

team and yourself

All for one and one for all, increase employee satisfaction and save time and money.

For any team

It doesn't matter in what industry you work, our platform will help you
you get better plan shifts and easily communicate with your team.

and more...

Time savings
Higher satisfaction
Less mailing

You're in good company

Join hundreds of companies, that already love Dayswaps
and automatically plan shifts for their operations. We help both small and large companies because they all need to plan shifts automatically.


and more...